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richard heinRichard Hein

The people's Lawyer

From St Louis, Missouri - EE.UU

Ferguson Elections: Opportunity for Change, Inspiration for the World

Today, April 7, 2015, voters across Missouri go to the polls in municipal elections, school board elections and others. While this may seem routine in most years, this year is especially important in the town of Ferguson, Missouri, a municipality of 21,000 residents in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

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Executive Action and the Texas Decision: Trick up the Sleeve or Tank Trap?

Idania Chirinos of South America’s Television News Channel NTN24 interviewed me last Tuesday about a Texas Federal Judge’s Decision last Monday night blocking President Obama’s expanded immigration plan announced in November to allow illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. by their parents and illegal parents of U.S. citizens to stay and work in the U.S. temporarily.

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Cuba and USA Reunited: May the People Be the Ones Benefitted

While in El Salvador in 2009 to teach trial techniques to judges and lawyers in that country, one of the residents of the “Guest House” where most foreign invited professors stayed was a professor of philosophy from a prestigious university in Cuba. It was her first time outside of Cuba.

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18 Years of Separation

We have a client who is originally from Bangkok, Thailand. When she was 23 she became pregnant by a man originally from a rural area 7 hours away from Bangkok by car. She and the man moved in with the man’s family in a small apartment in Bangkok when the baby was not even a week old.

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Ferguson: Justice for some; Injustice for others

 Welcome to the first article of my legal column in what is hoped will be a long and continuous series touching on themes of universal importance such as justice, human rights, and perhaps politics, informed from the point of view of an attorney in private practice in the geographic, demographic and political center of the United States of America, the State of Missouri. I hope it serves to inspire the reader to engage in thoughtful reflection in order to arrive at his or her own conclusions.

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