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richard heinRichard Hein

The people's Lawyer

From St Louis, Missouri - EE.UU

Presidential Debate: Meet Me in Saint Louis

st-louis-996718 640While Hillary Clinton being chosen as the Democratic Party standard-bearer surprised few, the Republican Party's choice of Donald Trump as its nominee capped what was an improbable primary campaign. In a couple of days, Washington University, located two miles from my office in my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri, will host them at the 5th presidential debate held there since 1992.

In this space in


2015, shortly after announcing his candidacy, I called Donald the representative of the clown wing of the Republican Party. The clown has now taken over, but since then, it has become apparent it is a creepy clown, for since then, he has:

- threatened news outlets with lawsuits

- banned journalists from his campaign

- been ambivalent about violence at his rowdy rallies

- demonstrated a shocking lack of curiosity or knowledge about most issues with which a President needs to be curious and knowledgeable (the nuclear triad, for example, which should be well and truly ingrained on anyone who lived through the Cold War)

- demonstrated authoritarian tendencies

- shown himself a misogynist

- accused a federal judge of being unable to do his job because of the judge's parents' country of birth

- stated that women should be punished for having abortions (which indicates to this author that he has given no more than about 14 seconds of thought to that issue)

- indicated that Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, and other countries should arm themselves with nuclear weapons

- refused still to release his tax returns

- picked fights with the parents of a US serviceman killed in Iraq and a former Miss Universe from Venezuela, and

- continued a quixotic quest for reconfirmation by campaigning heavily in States which are clearly already in his column.

Each morning, seemingly, I have awakened with the thought of finding out what outrageous comment Donald had either spoken or tweeted while I was sleeping. Yet, polls remain close.
Observing Donald these past 15 months reminds one of the late Hugo Chávez, former President of Venezuela, whose bombastic personality and populism led him to 14 years in office after a 21-year military career, not because of their shared Socialism, but rather, because of the similarity of styles and divisive strategies - although, considering how regularly and frequently Donald tacks.

(indeed, having taken two exact opposite positions within a single sentence, on occasion), one cannot be blamed for having serious doubts about his "conservative" credentials.
According to observers and many of his supporters, Donald's performance in the first presidential debate on September 26 was strongest when he delved into foreign.

trade to call for higher tariffs on imports, which was a stark departure from approximately 40 years of conservative thought and policy. The rest of the debate he spent trying to explain his past awful statements, which will continue to be available for public review, or "fact-checked", which has become a very popular -- nay, necessary -- sport. His repeated denials only led him to a deeper digging of the hole he dug himself.

Will Saint Louis see him climb out of that hole?